Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stay Fit during Winter

Charlotte Hilton Andersen has five budget-friendly tips to stay fit during the winter.

I do not like being cold, but I am cold all the time. These two facts will tell you, pretty much, everything you need to know about me. It's why I hate swimming (also known as controlled drowning). It's why big fuzzy socks are my go-to gift (both for others and for myself). It's why I avoid Black Friday like the plague. (Cyber Monday, however, did some wallet damage.)

If I won't venture outside of my toasty house for even Black Friday, it goes without saying that outdoor running, biking, hiking, swimming and frisbee are out of the question too. At least until I can breathe without snot-cicles forming. But a girl's still got to get her sweat on, even if she lives in the frozen wasteland of the North.

Of course working out in cold weather is easy if you have a gym membership and a car to get you there, but there are lots of other options that cost less. Read more

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