Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 Powerful Cancer Prevention Strategies

Cancer is a man-made disease, says Dr. Joseph Mercola, who offers three powerful cancer prevention strategies.

... I am firmly convinced that you don't have to die from cancer if you follow a healthy lifestyle. I'm fairly convinced that cancer or heart disease will not be the cause of my death. If you follow these strategies and start at an early enough age your body will be able to limit the progression of any malignant cells.

We see dramatic reversals in so many people with advanced cancers that apply these strategies, but what we fail to see are the millions of miracles that occur every day that eliminate cancers that have yet to surface because the body's healthy immune response suppresses them.

Remember it is exponentially easier to prevent cancers than it is to treat them. So just what are some of these strategies that can insulate you from ever developing cancer? Read more

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