Monday, March 1, 2010

The "Brief Workout" Trend: Are You Exercising Enough to Hit Your Goals?

As workout become more intense, they naturally become shorter, but can workouts become too brief? Rusty Moore says that if you're not hitting your fitness goals, you may not be devoting enough time to exercise.

I enjoy brief workouts, especially during the summer when I am active. I think this emerging trend of quick workouts is great, but how brief can you go before you aren't exercising enough? Can a few 30 minute workouts per week really give you the same results as 4-5 one-hour workouts per week? In my opinion, there is a time element involved to getting in peak condition. Even if you train hard, you can't expect to reach a high-level of conditioning just putting in a few 30 minute sessions per week. Perhaps the reason you haven't been able to lose those last 5 pounds or don't have defined abs is simply that you aren't devoting enough time to exercise. Read more

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