Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prevent Balding and Grow Hair with Natural Foods

Does what you eat really have an effect on how well your hair grows? It certainly does. Healthy hair growth requires a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Your hair reflects the general state of your health. If you're too busy to eat a healthy diet, your hair will show it.

People lose about one hundred hairs each day. Because hair is made of many nutrients, those nutrients need to be replenished in the body in order for hair to grow. Hair contains protein, fat, water, and carbohydrates. Foods to prevent hair loss can be found in oats, molasses, liver, and whole grains. Because water is comprised of water, it is important to stay hydrated to stimulate proper hair growth. Hair growth is conditioned on genetics. Hair loss increases with age, but proper nutrition can help prevent hair loss, thinning hair and balding. Read more

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