Monday, October 5, 2009

Bar-Barians: Ninja Masters of the Pull Up Bar!

Rusty Moore at Fitness Black Book profiles the Bar-Barians, who prove that bodyweight exercise can build muscle. Be sure to check out the requirements to become a Bar-Baron. Can you meet them?

This post is to prove to people they can reach an ultra-high degree of conditioning with something as simple as the pull up bar. I've been writing a lot about body weight training and I've personally been trying to get better at pull ups and chin ups. You guys may or may not have heard of the Bar-Barians, but these guys are flat out impressive. They don't train with weights, but I would go as far to say that they are most likely in better shape and more ripped than just about anyone in your gym. If you have never been exposed to the Bar-Barians, prepare to be "Wow'ed"!

[The Bar-Barians were founded in 2004 and are based out of Brooklyn, New York. These guys are some of the most impressive athletes I have ever seen. Brooklyn has a reputation for being a tough area, but I'm guessing people don't mess with this group.] Read more

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