Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 12 Most Frequently Recommended Herbal Remedies

Jennifer Newell of Health News lists the twelve most recommended herbal remedies and how to use them.

... While it is recommended that doctors be consulted before integrating herbal remedies into a daily regimen or treating a condition, most herbs are self-explanatory, as they give dosage instructions and recommended length of ingestion on the labels. Most importantly, when taking herbs, pay special attention to the body and any signs it gives that a particular treatment is not working; if the body rejects the option, it might be time to try another alternative, even if it is along the Western medicine route.

The top herbal remedy and one of the most well-known in modern society is the use of aloe vera for burns, whether the minor burns occur as a result of sun exposure or a kitchen accident. The actual aloe vera leaf is the most effective, rather than store-bought products, and the potted plant is simple to maintain with water. Read more

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