Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Protect and Heal Your Liver

The liver can do 500 functions. This is one powerful organ, the one organ in the body that is capable of regenerating itself. The liver controls your health and longevity and your ability to bounce back from infection. Alan Graham and Alfred Lehmberg discuss the foods to eat, the foods to avoid, and the supplements to take to protect and heal your liver.

... Milk-Thistle, while we're here, is nothing less than extraordinary, considering it can detox your liver while it stimulates the production of new liver cells (for all you ex-drinkers, like me) and about a dozen other things to include being a powerful, immune-enhancing Cancer-fighter.

Silymarin, the group of active ingredients in Milk-Thistle, has been used by Medical Doctors in Germany for almost 60 years to treat all forms of liver disease like hepatitis & cirrhosis. Those Teutons drink a lot of beer & wine. Gee, Zorba lectures all over the world to other MD's... don't they share info? Does Zorba hear a different drummer? Uh, like Merck, you think?

FOODS to eat and foods to avoid: Read more

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