Monday, October 10, 2011

5 Tips to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Many, if not most, men have suffered an episode of premature ejaculation in their lives. However, when it's a frequent occurrence, premature ejaculation is not only embarrassing, but also robs you and your partner of sexual pleasure. Fortunately, premature ejaculation is usually a curable condition. These five tips can help you overcome premature ejaculation.

 1) Try to relax. Take your time and enjoy the foreplay that leads to intercourse. Don't rush to penetration. (Plus, if you give her an orgasm before intercourse, she won't be as disappointed if you do ejaculate quickly.) When you do begin intercourse, start slowly and remember to breathe. Slow, deep breathing helps keep your muscles relaxed, which delays ejaculation.

2) Be aware of your arousal level. It is Know when the sexual tension is building and slow down or stop a bit before you pass the point of no return. You will last longer, and as long as you don't stop when she is close to orgasm, she will enjoy sex more, too.

3) Change position:  One method to delay ejaculation is changing position. Some positions, such as missionary and doggy, are quite stimulating to most men, whereas woman-on-top and spoon positions are usually less stimulating  Also, if you change your position every few minutes, your arousal level will fall until you build it up again in the new position. Just don't change positions when she's getting close. After she's had her orgasm, you can switch to a position you like and have yours.
4) Masturbate before sex with your partner. Males are considerably slower to climax if they have ejaculated recently. Just masturbate long enough beforehand to allow yourself time to have another erection.

5) Train your PC muscle. If your PC muscle is strong enough, you can use it to stop ejaculation. (My post Exercise for Harder Erections outlines a PC muscle training program.)

Using one or more of these five tips should allow many men to overcome premature ejaculation. Though "overnight" cures do happen, don't give up just because you don't get the results you want the first time you try something. Achieving a happier sex life is worth whatever time and effort it takes.

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