Friday, November 27, 2009

The Lose Weight, Be Smarter, Live Longer Diet

The mainstream media has discovered intermittent fasting: the diet that won't just help you lose weight, but also live longer and be smarter!

As all dieters will know, there is nothing more tedious than counting calories or weighing foods for a meal plan. Especially if you then don't lose weight.

But there's now an effective weight-loss regimen that is not only simple, it promises significant health benefits - from easing asthma symptoms and reducing blood sugar levels, to fending off heart disease and breast cancer and protecting brain cells. Apparently, you'll also live longer.

The diet goes under various names - The Alternate-Day Diet, Intermittent Fasting or The Longevity Diet - but the principle is the same: eat very little one day (50 per cent of your normal intake) and as much as you like the next.

This appears to trigger a 'skinny' gene that encourages the body to burn fat. Read more
The Alternate-Day Diet, is not the only way to practice intermittent fasting. Read Intermittent Fasting 101.

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