Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gain 60 lbs of Muscle with 100 Reps

The principles for building strength and muscle will always be the same, says Project Physique, and, to prove it, presents a simple program to gain 60 pounds of muscle.

A while back I was browsing through Trainer Kelly Bagget’s site at and stumbled across this article titled, “Creation of a Bodybuilder.” The article is perhaps the most non-bullshit, non-fluff straight to the point training primer for anyone looking to pack on muscle mass fast. The article is all action and lays out a direct plan to gain 50 lbs or however many pounds of muscle mass you desire in the shortest time possible (shortest time is relative to your body’s response to training stimulus, since everyone grows at different rates0.

The program is simple and employs training and dietary principles of building muscle outlined here at Project Physique. Take a look at the article and go over all the details. The basics of the program are as followed, Read more

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