Thursday, May 28, 2009

Environment Chemicals Feminizing Boys

If you're pregnant, you're supposed to forgo alcohol and tobacco. If you're carrying a boy, maybe you should stop wearing makeup as well. According to Professor Richard Sharpe of the Medical Research Council, cosmetics, as well as some cleaning products, contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can "feminize" boys in the womb, leading to birth defects, testicular cancer, and low sperm counts.

Chemicals found in many food, cosmetic and cleaning products pose a real threat to male fertility, a leading scientist has warned.

Professor Richard Sharpe, of the Medical Research Council, warned these hormone-disrupting chemicals were "feminising" boys in the womb.

He linked them to raising rates of birth defects and testicular cancer and falling sperm counts.

There is evidence that male reproductive health is deteriorating, with malformations of the penis becoming more common, rates of testicular cancer rising, and sperm counts falling. Read more

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