Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Vitamin C/Apple Pectin Cure for High Cholesterol

The drug pushers are at it again. Bill Sardi at shows how the medical establishment continues to tout statin drugs to treat high cholesterol when a cheap, natural cure is readily available.

Yet another time conventional medicine has admitted statin drugs are nearly worthless, but couch their remarks in language that blames patients for the problem. A new study claims if statin drug users would faithfully comply with the doctors’ orders and take statin drugs on a regular basis the relative risk for a heart attack would almost be cut in half (–47%). [Archives Internal Medicine 2009; 169(3):260–268]

The results of the study were declared "astonishing" by one cardiologist. The study results may be used to call for every American over age 50 to receive statin drugs, even if they are healthy and exhibit few risk factors for a heart attack.
Statin drugs are much more expensive and have far more side effects than a natural supplement that is even more effective.
Vitamin C, widely known as an antioxidant, actually serves to induce oxidation of cholesterol and its conversion to bile, which facilitates its exit from the blood circulation. Provision of high-dose supplemental vitamin C to guinea pigs decreases cholesterol concentration in the blood plasma. [Annals New York Academy Science 1975 Sep 30; 258:410–21; International Journal Vitamin Nutrition Research Supplement 1982; 23:137–52] Read more

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