Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can a Man Restore His Foreskin After Circumcision?

Many men who were circumcised as infants are now learning about the benfits of having an intact penis. Can a man restore his foreskin after circumcision? Kaylen Jackson says yes.

Circumcision is a commonly performed surgery in the U.S. on male babies. As more and more information becomes available about circumcision and its after effects, less and less parents are electing to have this done on their male children. However, there are hundreds of thousands of boys and men out there that have been and continue to be circumcised. What happens when a boy becomes a man and decides he wants his foreskin? Can he get it back?
Benefits Of Having An Intact Penis

You might wonder why a man would decide, after being circumcised his whole life, would decide he wanted to have an intact penis. While the U.S. has made a circumcised penis the “social norm” over the years, circumcision surgery is actually not commonly performed in other parts of the world. Studies have shown that the procedure is extremely painful for male babies and carries a high risk of infection when the wound is exposed to urine and feces in a diaper. Read more

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