Friday, April 29, 2011

What's the Best Breakfast for a Toned, Healthy Body?

Joseph Mercola discusses the latest research on what's the best breakfast for a toned, health body.

You probably realize the importance of your food choices, but does it matter when you eat? Yes, it does. To shed some light on this issue, I asked fitness expert Ori Hofmekler to share his insights.
What to Eat for Breakfast

You need to be very particular with your meal size and food choices. Contrary to popular opinion, the morning is not the ideal time to eat large meals because during this time your body is in elimination (detox) mode.

When your metabolic system is operating well, you’ll find that you have to go to the bathroom each morning, like clockwork. This is important in order to effectively eliminate toxins and prevent disease. Unfortunately, constipation is an extremely common problem, and part of the reason for this is that your body is not “set” to eliminate properly due to poor diet and improper meal timing.

So, if you’re constipated, or do not automatically eliminate every morning, it’s a giant clue you need to re-examine what and when you eat.

Ori recommends eating only detoxifying foods until noontime, such as: Read more

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