Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Joseph Mercola says some of the tips and tricks to burn fat and lose weight recommended by the mainstream media are dubious at best. He reveals which techniques really work.

... A few of the techniques mentioned in the Yahoo article have merit, while others are dubious at best. For example, if your goal is to improve your metabolism, I wouldn't give much attention to strategies like
  • drinking cold water,
  • loading up on caffeine or
  • gorging at breakfast (which may actually be counterproductive for fat burning),
In all honesty, if you truly want to boost your metabolism, I recommend focusing on what really works, which I'll discuss in this comment. Sure, thermogenic foods (such as green tea for example) may help, but if you're really going to do it, why not maximize your chances of success rather than dallying around?

So, quit pretending quick fixes like tea or caffeine will do the work for you, and address the root instead. In this comment, I'll address three potent natural ways to optimize your metabolism: Read more

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