Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 Tips on Surviving a Trip to the Hospital

Hospitals are dangerous. Michael Miles gives ten tips for surviving a trip to the hospital.

... Given the scope of this subject, I will focus primarily on food. If food is important to you (and if you are reading this blog it most likely is very important), you must have an advanced strategy in place should the day come you have to make the trek. Below are ten ways to protect yourself before a hospital visit.

10 Tips On Surviving A Hospital Stay

1. Have a like-minded friend present at all times.

This is extremely important if you make an emergency trip to the hospital and don't have control of all your cognitive faculties. You will need an ideological nutritional soul mate running interference to make sure your best interest – not the doctor or the hospital – is always first and foremost.

Ideally this would be your wife, husband, significant other, or your family, but I know many of my readers are lone warriors in their quest for health, and may need to seek out a friend to help them. Problem is, while family can often get their way with hospital staff if they know what to do and are obstinate enough, a non-relative will find the going extremely difficult. So this is something you will need to work out beforehand in detail.

My suggestion: your non-relative immediately becomes your relative in the event of a hospital stay. A cousin, an uncle, even a fiancé can work. Whatever you do never let on otherwise, or your friend will have no impact in the nutritional ideological sterility that characterizes most hospital environments. Read more

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