Friday, December 18, 2009

Brutal 500 Rep Workout

If you're looking for a burnout workout, Zuzana at demonstrates a brutal five hundred rep workout - ten exercises of fifty reps each.

Today’s workout was awesome! Very intense, but also quite long. It took me exactly 35 minutes and 55 seconds. It might sound strange, but I was actually enjoying the pain from the burn. Now I feel that I really deserve the active rest tomorrow. So what was this workout all about? I did 10 different exercises and 50 reps for each of them. It is a time challenge so try to be moving through the exercises without taking any long breaks. What slowed me down were the push ups and although I started with regular push ups – I had to switch to the easier variations. The turkish get ups are also quite brutal and took me the most amount of time. Read more

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