Monday, March 16, 2009

Top 10 Men's Health Myths.... Debunked

Is Viagra the answer to erectile dysfunction? Do Well Man clinics make a difference? Men's health advice can be downright useless, says Dr Keith Hopcroft. He debunks the top ten men's health myths.

1. Well Man clinics are a good idea

WHAT ARE THEY? These are clinics, run by GPs and private companies, that offer health once-overs for men, checking their hearts, weight and all the bits that women don’t have.

WHO SAYS THEY’RE A GOOD IDEA? Men’s health enthusiasts with too much time on their hands and private screening companies trying to drum up business.

HOW WRONG IS IT? Totally, and will remain so until the average unhealthy male has a lobotomy.

GIVE ME THE FACTS The main problem is that Well Man Clinics attract only well men. Read more

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