Saturday, January 31, 2009

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone

Whether you're training to get bigger, faster, leaner, or stronger, testosterone is the hormone that can make a world of difference. Chad Waterbury discusses five ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

... The role of Testosterone goes far beyond big biceps and a monstrous deadlift. When it's high you'll boost libido, have more energy, and protect yourself against osteoporosis. The brain loves Testosterone, too. When you have high physiological levels of T it boosts cognitive functions such as memory and attentiveness.

Of course, that means when T levels are low you're heading down a cognitive slope. Slide down far enough and you might be susceptible to all kinds of nasty neurological disorders.

So it probably doesn't warrant any real arm-twisting to convince you that you need to maximize Testosterone to reap all of the health, athletic, and aesthetic benefits you surely desire.

Here are the five steps you should follow.

1. Train with Big, Complex Movements

The simplest alteration you can make to your training program to boost Testosterone is by incorporating complex, compound movements. But not just any compound movement: the bigger, the better. Read more

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